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At Appia, we try to continuously improve when it comes to sustainability. For us, sustainability is an all-encompassing term: energy, products, processes, training, social commitment and particularly future-oriented thinking and actions.

photovoltaic system for green electricity

Our philosophy has a future

Our shared goal

Save energy and protect resources: lots of small steps make a big difference. We use the latest heating and air-conditioning technology, water economisers for washroom facilities, a low-paper office, packaging using recycled materials, to name but a few examples. We also focus on this for our hotel projects.

Healthy, sustainable products

We manufacture in-house and focus on local products. In particular, woods such as oak, beech and spruce are obtained from local retailers. We also focus on sustainability when it comes to other materials such as fabrics, flooring or paint. Thanks to our new UV system, we can do without solvents in some cases. If possible, we work with environmentally friendly water-based paints.

Energy – self-sufficient, efficient and economical

We operate our own district heating plant using the production waste from in-house furniture production. In doing so, we are able to heat the company headquarters as well as both production sites and workshops in a highly efficient, environmentally friendly way. Our photovoltaic system covers the majority of the energy requirement needed in production and feeds the energy that we don’t need into the public electricity grid.

Together with our expert planners, we also plan and realise the perfect concept for our customers’ individual power supply.

Charging stations & mobility

We are gradually converting our fleet of vehicles to hybrid and electric vehicles. We operate our own charging units that are available for our employees and customers to use. We will be happy to support your project with ideas on electric charging stations.

Our Appia Business Bike programme is our personal contribution towards alternative mobility and also promotes employee health.

Invest in know-how and young talent

We are convinced that a sound apprenticeship is a key part of our company’s future sustainability. That’s why we offer diverse training placements, further training for our employees and promotion opportunities for internal careers. We know that this topic also concerns the hotel industry. We contribute through great design, well thought-out room designs and a feel-good atmosphere – particularly for your employees. Benefit from Appia’s decades of hotel experience.

Social commitment

In the region, for the region! For years, we have been supporting socially disadvantaged families and children in the region or families that require assistance due to particular life circumstances. This is our contribution towards greater equality and a better quality of life.


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