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Appia Contract Hoteleinrichtung - Ihr Partner fr Hoteleinrichtungen, Hotelumbau, Hotelausstattung, Hotelrenovierungen und Hotelinneneinrichtung Appia Contract Hoteleinrichtung - Ihr Partner fr Hoteleinrichtungen, Hotelumbau, Hotelausstattung, Hotelrenovierungen und Hotelinneneinrichtung Appia Contract Hoteleinrichtung - Ihr Partner fr Hoteleinrichtungen, Hotelumbau, Hotelausstattung, Hotelrenovierungen und Hotelinneneinrichtung Appia Contract Hoteleinrichtung - Ihr Partner fr Hoteleinrichtungen, Hotelumbau, Hotelausstattung, Hotelrenovierungen und Hotelinneneinrichtung Appia Contract Hoteleinrichtung - Ihr Partner fr Hoteleinrichtungen, Hotelumbau, Hotelausstattung, Hotelrenovierungen und Hotelinneneinrichtung Appia Contract Hoteleinrichtung - Ihr Partner fr Hoteleinrichtungen, Hotelumbau, Hotelausstattung, Hotelrenovierungen und Hotelinneneinrichtung Appia Contract Hoteleinrichtung - Ihr Partner fr Hoteleinrichtungen, Hotelumbau, Hotelausstattung, Hotelrenovierungen und Hotelinneneinrichtung Appia Contract Hoteleinrichtung - Ihr Partner fr Hoteleinrichtungen, Hotelumbau, Hotelausstattung, Hotelrenovierungen und Hotelinneneinrichtung Appia Contract Hoteleinrichtung - Ihr Partner fr Hoteleinrichtungen, Hotelumbau, Hotelausstattung, Hotelrenovierungen und Hotelinneneinrichtung

of our customers

Pichlmayrgut, Pichl bei Schladming/ Austria

The collaboration with APPIA was straightforward and based on partnership from the start. I had the feeling that I was understood as a customer, and requests were quickly and professionally implemented. Especially with a renovation project in a historic house, it is important to preserve the old and gently integrate the new - both were perfectly implemented by APPIA. I would particularly like to emphasize the economic transparency, which was available at all times.

Christian Steiner
Managing Director & Owner
Hotel Pichlmayrgut

City hotel Oberndorf, Oberndorf near Salzburg/A

When we acquired the former town hall from the municipality of Oberndorf in November 2019 to turn it into a hotel, we were asked a wide variety of questions.

Since we had never managed such a project ourselves, the selection of a partner company for the hotel renovation seemed absolutely essential. After visiting a few hotels for reference, Appia Contract was our favourite. Right from the start, we were impressed by the prudence, professionalism, detailed working methods and comprehensive and clear communication of Appia.

Even after the first inspection, there were numerous ideas and “brainstorming sessions”, starting with the interior and dividing the rooms right through to feasibility. During the entire planning phase, we were always well informed about the state of play and the time frame. Communication with the other companies involved in the renovation was always highly constructive and allowed us to resolve complicated issues quickly and easily. Over the entire 16 months we were very satisfied with the professional, fast and dedicated work.

Finally, we would like to thank our personal project manager for working with us so well; without his tireless efforts our hotel would certainly not have been able to open on September 21, 2020 in these difficult times!

Kerstin Zangl and Mathias Strasser
Owners and operators
City hotel Oberndorf

Hotel & Brasserie Löwen am See, Zug/CH

Our co-operation with APPIA Contract GmbH was very pleasant and professional.
At the first meeting we realised that we would be working with a complete professional with a lot of experience.
Together with APPIA, who planned the room design and furniture for us, we consciously decided on a modern design that is tailored to our business guests. APPIA provided a professional, expert service. We are very satisfied with this solution and with the price-performance ratio.

Christoph Ruckli
General Manager
Hotel & Brasserie Löwen am See

Hotel Bad Schauenburg, Liestal/CH

At our very first meeting, we already had the feeling that APPIA would present us with an extremely competent team. They began dealing with our hotel project well in advance and took care of our additional requirements and requests. In the following planning discussions, they implemented everything exactly as we imagined it.

Our project ran for over three years as it was completed in several stages and business was never completely halted. The project leader and other contributors carried everything out with great precision, on schedule and with great passion and commitment. The Hotel Bad Schauenburg is now a real gem – as confirmed by the feedback from the guests. We would work together with APPIA again at any time.

Stephanie Häring
Hotel Manager
Hotel Bad Schauenburg

Hotel Alpenhof Murnau

“My wife and I have been at the Alpenhof Murnau since the end of 2013 now. Little by little, we have begun to restore the Alpenhof Murnau to the splendour it deserves. The unique location (right by the Murnauer Moos nature reserve and facing the Alpine Foothills) provides our guiding principle: ‘Inspired by Nature’. This is an ideal that we rigorously pursue, and we are proud of the progress achieved to date. Along the way, APPIA have been especially helpful, supporting us very professionally in our construction and renovation work. Because of the planning beforehand and, in particular, the on-site supervision as well, we have really felt ourselves to be in good hands. There was an extremely personal touch to the on-site supervision, which suited our in-house team quite perfectly. It’s things like this which make work that much more agreeable. The feedback received from our guests has been overwhelming.

To put it all in a nutshell, they have been pleased with everything from A to Z! We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the team at APPIA. Thank you so much for everything!”

Christian Bär
General Manager
Hotel Alpenhof Murnau

Nuhr Medical Center, Senftenberg

With Appia we were able to get a reliable and competent partner for our project on board. You can tell that people here do not only do their job very well, but also happy.

Very positively to mention are the local contacts who were very customer-oriented and characterized by a high degree of flexibility. We felt understood as a customer and Appia has been very successful in taking up and implementing our ideas and wishes. Also delivery and installation went smoothly.

We are very satisfied with the final result of the rooms and suites. Also from our guests we receive only positive feedback. We are very happy that we have chosen Appia, because we had a reliable partner at our side, which we can always recommend.

Univ.-Doz. Dr. Martin Nuhr & Mag. Mayra Nuhr
Nuhr Medical Center, Senftenberg

Hotel Alpenrose - Altenmarkt-Zauchensee/ Austria

With Appia, all the stages of the project went superbly: right from the very first discussion and the planning phase and all the way up to the execution and completion of the works. The finished product is an impressive achievement, and we are extremely satisfied with it. I can certainly see myself working with Appia again on the next construction project. Hans Rettenwender
Hotel Alpenrose Zauchensee

Kirsten Kohnke - Hotel Victory Therme Erding

It was a tremendous great challenge to meet the thematically-specific requirements for the yacht-cabins in planning, installation and craftsmanship.
With Appia, this was achieved with great success!
Kirsten Kohnke
General Manager Hotels
Hotel Victory Therme Erding GmbH

Hotel Schiestl, the relaxation hotel

People have always loved snuggling up, but now our guests love to snuggle up more than ever and, what is more, sleep like gods.
APPIA was tasked with the redevelopment of 6 suites and 21 ‘snuggle-rooms’.
Junior managers, Barbara and Christian, already had an idea of what they wanted. But, once again, involving APPIA’s dedicated employees was an easier and more effective way of achieving an amazing result.
The planning was professional, everything was completed on time, and we were even able to welcome guests back into the rooms a week earlier than planned. That was great – many thanks.
We are completely happy with our choice of contractor.

Thank you to everyone who had a hand in this great success.
The Family Schiestl

Hotel Schiestl, the relaxation hotel

Rob Bruijstens - General Manager Dorint at Blüemlisalp

Before each of the two construction phrases, in 2015 and 2016, there was an intensive period of planning that proved to be cooperative, solution-oriented and, above all, considerate. A particular highlight here was the architectural team, who were a delight to work with. Our requests were always fully accommodated, and this was complemented and enhanced by the in-depth knowledge of the Appia staff. We found that the entire planning period proceeded in a manner that was extremely professional, friendly and, above all, easy-going and approachable. The works were carried out on site under Appia’s very professional supervision as construction managers. The work on the rooms was carried out in a timely manner and in exact accordance with our requirements on the hotel side but also as regards the needs of the owners. Here, mention should again be made of how delightful it was to work with the Appia team with their solution-oriented approach and, in addition, how praiseworthy their follow-up support is also proving to be. Another point definitely worth mentioning is the accuracy of the financial planning, which made it possible to execute our joint project firmly within budget. Appia were wonderful to work with, and we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to them for this. I am certain that we will work with them again on other projects in the future
Rob Bruijstens
Director / General Manager

Dorint Blüemlisalp

RelaxResort Kothmühle - Neuhofen/a.d.Ybbs

"In the planning phase there has been a series of iterations. With every planning step, the project developed more and more into our own incomparable project. Appia Contract has here very successfully taken up our ideas and implemented them accordingly. Regional character and authenticity were very important to us in this. Our visit to Appia in Peterskirchen was very helpful here for the choice of materials.

 The budgeting was very detailed and gave a very good impression of the costs to be expected. With each round of talks the specifications were enlarged upon and the budget accordingly adjusted. This way we could rely upon a high degree of adherence to budget. Adjustments were also carried out during the conversion phase where necessary. The invoice was therefore never a surprise.

We had an excellent project manager from Appia on site. He not only had a good handle on his own tasks, but cooperated also very well with the construction company and with us as principals. This meant that the extremely tight schedule could be fully adhered to. There was thus nothing standing in the way of us opening on schedule.

Appia also took great pains to remedy the little teething problems that emerged after opening without delay.

We would like to give our sincere thanks to Appia for supporting us in this challenging project. Our guests are simply delighted by our conversion! And of course we are two!"
Christiane & Johannes Scheiblauer

RelaxResort Kothmühle, Neuhofen/a.d.Ybbs

Golfhotel Vesper – Sprockhövel

"In Appia Contract, we have found a company with which it is really fun to develop projects and to carry them out punctually. We already noticed that we went well together at our first meeting. Short-notice requests and constructional changes during the renovation measure were directly implemented in a very uncomplicated way. We never lost sight of the budget thanks to the transparent representation. There was capable and friendly support on site, which suited our owner-operated company very well. The preparation and follow-up support is absolutely exemplary. The positive opinions of our guests vindicate our investments and make us keen to undertake further joint projects with Appia Contract."
Arnt Vesper & Anke Hartmann

Golfhotel Vesper in Sprockhövel

HMS Architekten und Planer AG – Spiez/Schweiz

"When the timing is extremely tight and the budget limited, then it is even more important to have the right partner. We have found it in Appia! A partner that thinks for itself, from the offer phase, with detailed solutions to the handing over. Reliable and correct. An implementation team that works precisely and with care and implements solutions simply in the event of difficulties. We would welcome being able to implement further projects in the future with Appia."
Andrea Liechti

Interior Architect & Design
Seestraße 20, CH-3600 Spiez

The Baldermann Family / Homey! Hotel

We have now been in the hotel business for more than 20 years and have been active in many renowned companies in Europe and carried out new openings and comprehensive renovations.
The wish to set up and operate one’s own hotel arose over the years and in Pentling/Regensburg we had finally found the right place for our Homey Hotel.
The Homey! was constructed as an individual prefabricated wooden house and we endeavoured to also incorporate the theme of wood and sustainability into the interior of the house. With Appia Contract, right from the beginning, we had a very good and constructive start which continued from the proposal preparation, the concept, the selection of materials to the final realisation of the project.
We would like to mention that in this process attention was also paid to our personal notions and ideas and that these were also implemented. This also goes for odd ideas on our part, such as our “egg window” in the breakfast room which was realised in the detailed planning and is now an absolutes highlight with our valued guests.
We would also like to take this opportunity to emphasise the fact that in the entire planning process for the interior construction the financial side was also transparent for us. In the selection of materials, Appia Contract were already paying very close attention to not overshooting the predetermined budget, but to still being able to realise our ideas and visions. Our cooperation with Appia Contract – especially with the Chief Interior Architect, and the two Chief Project Managers of Appia Contract – was always characterised by loyal partnership and the shared aim of opening the Homey! Hotel.

We can only thank them for the very good cooperation and pass on our warmest recommendation of Appia Contract GmbH to others.
Stefanie & Felix Baldermann

Homey Hospitality GmbH

Pablo Stutz Limited- Interior Design London

"Appia Contract GmbH, as a complete fitter, had the order for the renovations in the renowned Swiss hotels „Astoria Luzern“ and „Renaissance Luzern“.

The good cooperation in all phases of the planning, development and technical implementation allowed both our ideas as designers as well as the customer’s vision to become a reality. This was the key element of the success.

Both projects had a narrow time window and an equally limited cost framework. These were the fundamental aspects in view of the complexity and scope of the two renovations. Splendid design and quality were thus provided in both projects with enterprising performance capability.

Appia’s understanding for the philosophy of the designer and its respect for the customers’ needs are also reflected in their feel for the market requirements. Appia’s open approach to finding solutions makes them one of the leading manufacturers in this industry.

We recommend them wholeheartedly and would be happy to be able to cooperate in more future projects."
Pablo Stutz
Pablo Stutz Limited
33 Dovecote Gardens, London SW14 8PN

Selfness-und Genusshotel Ritzlerhof, Sautens im Ötztal

"For my wife and I as “hotel novices” it was decisively important to have an expert on board for the whole renovation, who would also take over all of the responsibility from A to Z and wants to contribute his know-how from construction building to our Ritzlerhof. Unlike a complete new build, a renovation is an huge challenge which also demands flexibility from all partners. Appia gave us excellent support in this process and made a decisive contribution to ensuring that the whole renovation was carried out in only 7 months, although the whole interior fitting-out in all areas was not only realised but also planned by Appia. I would particularly like to praise the cooperation with the responsible project manager, who, after only a short while, became an active member of the Ritzlerhof team and was available straight away when he was needed, despite the geographical distance. As well as the perfect implementation, the adherence to the overall budget is also particularly worth mentioning, and that we were able to open our dream hotel on time in November 2012. We can unreservedly recommend Appia to all our colleagues."
Christoph and Anne Marti
Owners of the Hotel Ritzlerhof
Sautens in the Ötztal

Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest

„The renovation of a luxury hotel is always a big challenge for everyone involved, especially if the hotel is continuing to receive guests and the operation of the hotel has to run as smoothly as possible. We were therefore very happy to find a partner in Appia who is not only knowledgeable in their field, but was also able to see things clearly from the hotel’s perspective. In the design and construction, attention was paid not only to artistic expressive but also to functionality and flexible solutions were found for problems without skimping on the very high standard of quality. Despite the difficult condition that the hotel had to continue operating,​all the work was carried out punctually and according to budget. We are very satisfied with the overall result and receive very positive feedback from our customers.”
Emile Bootsma
Executive Director of the
Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest

Hotel Lamark - Hochfügen

In the hotel Lamark we found a valuable partner for our renovations, in the form of Appia. The previous year, 20 rooms in our hotel were completely renovated and furnished and we experienced this as an excellently organised renovation. From the initial conversation, drawing up of the offer, negotiations and implementation to the final acceptance we were supported by experts who put our wishes and ideas perfectly in practice. Our guests are just as delighted by the new rooms as we are with the smooth and capable cooperation with Appia.
Alexander Fankhauser with family
Sporthotel Lamark****

Hotel Kremstaler Hof | Leonding

To describe the cooperation in one word: splendid. Our support team from Appia reacted to our ideas without losing sight of their own consistent approach. The perfect balance between our own ideas and taking account of the Client’s needs. The result is something to be proud of and above all to be experienced. What feels like every other guest is giving us praise and recognition for the harmonious and stylish interior furnishing. The newly built rooms and suites, in particular, are a hit: since the first day of the opening we have been booked up virtually continuously and are receiving lots of praise and confirmation. We would like to take this opportunity to pass this on: Thanks to Appia for the professional and friendly support, which was always solution-oriented and in our interests even in the stressful period of the new build. Thank you Appia for our beautiful new hotel! Greetings and thanks again to the whole team,
Karl Weixelbaumer Jun.
Hotel Kremstaler Hof | Leonding

Giardino Group Ascona

The cooperation with Appia on the renovation and interior construction work on Hotel Giardino Ascona, Giardino Mountain Champfer/St.Moritz and Giardino Lago Minusio/Locarno was characterised by clear organisation, strict management and transparent communication. The extremely tight schedule and the budget were both adhered to. Appia not only offered the best prices but also kept every promise regarding the quality of implementation, and in addition our contact was always highly professional and flexible.
Philippe Frutiger
CEO Giardino Group SA-Ascona

Schick-Hotels - Vienna’s charming private hotels

We love working with Appia, because we get design, planning and implementation from one source, which saves us time and bother. Good design suggestions motivate us to "see things differently" making it easy to persuade us to pursue new design approaches. And this is all in a pleasant and professional atmosphere.
Dr.Martin Schick
Schick-Hotels - Vienna’s charming private hotels

Kannewischer Collection

We are very satisfied with the high-quality work and absolute adherence to deadlines of Appia Contract GmbH. The strong customer orientation, high flexibility and friendly manner round off the good cooperation.
Dr. Stefan Kannewischer
Managing Director of the Kannewischer Collection
Kannewischer Management AG/ Zug

Astoria Hotel Betriebs AG- Lucerne

In the course of my long career as a hotelier, we have already worked with the company Appia several times - we have never regretted that choice. In 2008 Appia furnished the rooms for the extension in the hotel Schiller in Lucerne. All 254 rooms have been newly renovated in the hotel Astoria in Lucerne in the past 5 years. Despite the time pressure, the work was always punctual and flawless. When problems arose they were professionally and capably solved. We were also able to incorporate requests afterwards during the construction phase without any problem. The project managers always made sure, however hectic things sometimes became, that in the end everything was the way we wanted it. The set cost framework was not exceeded. Due to the consistently good cooperation, we have entrusted Appia with the complete renovation of Hotel Schiller. The former Hotel Schiller in Lucerne is now being operated as the "Marriott-Renaissance-Hotel". I can strongly recommend the craftsmanship of Appia to all fellow hoteliers.
Urs Karli
Astoria Hotel Betriebs AG- Lucerne

Hotel Solsana | Saanen

When we were inviting and comparing the offers, it soon become clear that we had found a reliable and capable partner in Appia-Contract. From the first planning designs to the selection of the different materials to the detailed cost calculation, everything was always transparently and punctually supplied. The cooperation was highly professional, friendly and rapid from the beginning and we were able to contribute our design wishes down to the details. ln economically difficult times, financial investment is of course also a decisive theme and Appia-Contract was clearly the most favourable provider in this respect, and still offered made-to-measure top quality. The renovation went without a hitch in the specified, tight time-frame and we were able to present the 47 newly renovated rooms to our guests punctually in time for the public holidays. We are already planning further renovations in the reception and restaurant area and in these future investments we will once again be happy to work together with Appia-Contract as a reliable partner.
Daniel Leuenberger- Saanen/Gstaad

Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic - Montreux

In 2010 I had the major task of completely renovating a very ageing grand hotel with 155 rooms. After an invitation to tenders and the production of 3 showrooms we decided to choose Appia. In the planning and negotiation phase it already became clear to us that we were dealing with very professional providers. From the dimensioning of the 155 units and of the public areas to the execution we were impressed by the accuracy and military precision of the planning. The project management of Appia was of enormous assistance during the whole renovation phase and deserves our great thanks and recognition! If the opportunity should once again arise for me to renovate a hotel, I would without hesitation pick up the telephone and invite Appia to the negotiation table! A very professional, creative and extremely reliable team that I can recommend to every colleague in the industry. And the new rooms did not fail to be a success either: The figures that we have registered since the reopening are the best proof of this.
Andres Oppenheim
Director General - Grand Hötel Suisse Majestic - Montreux

Courtyard by Marriott Hotel/ Linz

From 2008 to 2014 the company APPIA Contract GmbH designed, planned and realised the hotel “Courtyard by Marriott Linz”. We have only had the best of experiences with APPIA Contract Gmbh. From the planning to the realisation and completion, everything was carried out correctly and in accordance with contract in adherence to all quality and safety requirements. The professional manner and approach of the capable and quality-conscious employees impressed us very much and made cooperation much easier. We can only wholeheartedly recommend APPIA to all colleagues. All specifications were also adhered to and fulfilled as regards the financial planning. We would also always be happy to carry out future projects together with them.
Franz Gasteiner
General Manager - Courtyard by Marriott Hotel / LinzCurrent Projects

Current Projects

Park Hotel Hagenberg, Hagenberg/Austria

Park Hotel Hagenberg, Hagenberg/Austria

Interior Design Planning of 93 guest rooms and FF&E

September 2021 until end of February 2022


Award for the Relaxresort Kothmühle in Neufelden in Lower Austria

Customer reviews

Pichlmayrgut, Pichl bei Schladming/ Austria

Christian Steiner, Managing Director & Owner Hotel Pichlmayrgut

„The collaboration with APPIA was straightforward and based on partnership from the start. I had the feeling that I was understood as a customer, and requests were quickly and professionally implemented..."
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APPIA Contract GmbH designs and builds individual hotels with unique furnishing.
The range of services reaches from general planning, architecture, interior architecture, technical planning and construction management to turnkey, complete hotel construction and extension.
We produce in our own carpentry on 22,000 m² of company premises and already employ more than 110 people.

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